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A Which? Trusted Award Winning Service

Carpet Cleaners in Newport.

part cleaned carpetProclene (approved by Which? & WoolSafe), provide professional cleaning of carpets in Newport

Proclene don't just clean carpets & upholstery, Proclene also sanitise every item cleaned using anti-bacterial & anti-microbial treatments all of which are part of the service and no additional charges are made.

Proclene have been professionally & skillfully cleaning carpets & upholstery since 1982, consistently providing the ultimate in carpet & upholstery cleaning services, whilst also providing the ultimate experience in customer service and care.

Proclene have an earned a reputation for providing outstanding results, outstanding customer service & for setting the highest standards of cleaning within the carpet cleaning industry.

Whether your carpet is white, cream, black or patterned, wool or synthetic, tufted or woven we can and will clean them with results that will make you proud.

Carpet & Upholstery Cleaners Approved by Which?

Proclene carpet & upholstery cleaning services are fully approved by Which? and we feel very privileged to be issued with their Approved by Which? logo. We are also approved and recommended by The WoolSafe Organisation & The Approved Carpet Cleaners Association and of course we are Recommended by ALL our customers. but more importantly 100% of our customers & clients recommended us for professional cleaning of carpets & upholstery all over the United Kingdom.

Key Points About Proclene Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning Services

  • ►Baby & Expectant Mum Safe.
  • ►Pet Safe.
  • ►35 years experience.
  • ►Which? Approved.
  • ►WoolSafe™ Approved.
  • ►Non-hazardous.
  • ►Environmentally Friendly.
  • ►Manufacturer Recommended.
  • ►No Rapid Re-soiling.

What does this mean to you?

Well in basic terms when you use Proclene for carpet and upholstery cleaning you will be guaranteed the very best in customer service & the highest level of customer satisfaction.

Proclene work beyond the highest level of standards set down by the British Standards institute in the form of PAS 86:2008, we also work beyond the WoolSafe Standard WS2000.

We will not use harmful chemicals that will cause you, your family including your pets or your items any harm, though should we need to use harsh cleaning solutions to remove a stubborn stain then we will always seek your approval first and thoroughly neutralise and rinse leaving you with 100% safe items.

All cleaning solutions are thoroughly rinsed out of your carpet and upholstery insuring that they will not re-soil very quickly, just as if they we new.

35 years of experience as taught us, not to falsely claim to have your carpets dry within 30 minutes or an hour as every carpet or upholstery fibre dries at different rates and is also dependent upon room temperatures & humidity levels as well as different weaves.

Proclene have 35 years experience and skill to know how to, regulate the balance of water,
cleaning solutions & techniques to ensure that we clean to the bottom of the pile on carpets without penetrating the backing or worse still, the underlay.

With upholstery we use a unique tool that thoroughly cleans the wrapping fabric without wetting the filling ensuring that fastest possible drying times.

With the right tools, our experience & our skills we guarantee that, we can provide you with the shortest drying times that can be achieved.

Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning Cleaning
Excellent service & great quality clean, used Proclene previously and will only use Proclene. There is nothing that Proclene could change to improve my experience with them as it's excellent. A reputable carpet & upholstery cleaning company, feel safe using them, arrive on time. Excellent customer service and finished results.
Carpet Cleaning
Date published: 18/11/2016
10 / 10 stars10 Star Carpet Cleaning

We guarantee the deepest clean that,

  • Looks amazing.
  • Smells great.
  • Feels fantastic.
  • Dries quickly.
  • Stays Cleaner Longer.
  • Maintains your warranty.
  • Lasts Longer.
  • You'll be glad you chose us.

Stains Removed.

35 years of cleaning carpets & upholstery throughout Gloucestershire has taught us how to best deal with spots & stains with a 99% success rate.
We do not make promises of stain removal just for you to engage our services but what we do promise is our 35 years of skilled knowledge of dealing with them to obtain the very best results.

Appearance Renewed.

By removing the dust, restoring the pH levels, removing spots & stains & conditioning the fibres, your carpet and upholstery will look fantastic, with hundreds of, more than happy customers who are more than happy to confirm this.

Odours Removed

When an item is cleaned thoroughly odours improve due to the fact the offending smell has been rinsed away but this is only a small temporary improvement, however, when we clean we use an anti-bacterial & anti-microbial treatment to destroy the offending germ that is causing the odour and this continues to work long after, which is much better than steam alone.


During our cleaning process, whether we are cleaning your carpet or cleaning your upholstery, we remove the dust, grit & sticky residues that stiffen and make the fibres feel course and hard. We also condition the fibres which balances the pH levels and increases the luxurious feel of them.

Your carpet or upholstery will feel soft, look fantastic and smell great!

When you use Proclene to clean your carpet & upholstery you are using a reputable, respected, highly regarded & highly recommended carpet & upholstery cleaning company.

For more detailed information, please see our why use us page

Once you have used Proclene for your carpet cleaning or upholstery cleaning you will understand why we are recommended by our customers.