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Frequently Asked Questions

Some times, in fact more often than not, we are still quoted to that "once I have my carpet cleaned, it will get dirty again very quickly" This is a myth but if you read some of the Q & A's you will find out why it is still a common misconception.

Q: If I have my carpet cleaned, it will get dirty again very quickly?.
A: This has 3 answers,
most carpet cleaning companies do not rinse after they have cleaned the soil from the carpet or upholstery and this leaves behind a sticky residue once the carpets have dried in which it will attract the dust and dirt quickly.
Secondly, Proclene use a unique Double Rinse System and we only use Micro-Splitters when we clean your carpet and upholstery so that there is no sticky residue left behind and therefore there is nothing to attract the dust or dirt so NO it will not get dirty quickly if you use Proclene.
Thirdly, We Guarantee our carpet & upholstery cleaning for 6 months against rapid re-soiling and we are the only company that provides this.

Q: Why have my carpets gone stiff & feel sticky since they were cleaned?
A: The main reason for this is that the company you used to clean your carpets used a very high alkaline cleaning chemical to help them finish the job in hand quickly, this system is liked by many carpet cleaners as they can do more jobs in a day. The fact is that they are damaging your carpet and that high alkalinity will rot the fibres in a wool carpet whilst on the other hand high acidity will dissolve the fibres. Whenever we need to use an high alkaline cleaning agent we always, always neutralise it to a pH value of between 6 and 8 leaving you with carpets that are safe and will not go stiff.

Q: Will my carpet be wet for days.
A: When you use Proclene the drying times are very short and usually in most circumstances within 2 hours and in a lot of instances less that 1 hour. However with wool carpets drying times are a fair bit longer, this is due to the fact that wool can contain 33% of its own weight in water and still feel dry but it will actually take between 16 to 24 hours for them to be completely dry. We use the very latest equipment that cleans deep and dries much quicker than most other carpet cleaning companies we also know what amount of pressure is required for each carpet type, depth & density, meaning we never allow for water to enter the underlay or carpet backing so, no over saturating and no risk of damage.

Q: What happens if you damage my carpet?
In 35 years of cleaning carpet, Proclene have not once had an unfortunate accident, BUT should the unfortunate ever happen we are always fully covered by our insurance policy which covers Proclene for customers property for up to £5,000,000. Click here to see our insurance policy for total peace of mind.

Q: What experience do you have?
A: Proclene have over 35 years of experience in carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning and drapery cleaning for both domestic and commercial customers which include cleaning carpets in hotels and care homes as well as houses. We always ensure that we are up to date with the latest cleaning solutions, techniques and equipment by attending regular courses and exhibitions.

Q: Can't I just hire a machine from B&Q or use my Bissell!
A: These type of machines may look like they are cleaning your carpet but the fact is they DO NOT clean deep down, they DO NOT have the suction power to remove most of the soils and water, also unless you have professional cleaning solutions and know how to use them properly, you will be unable to remove stains, your carpet will start showing the DIRT again within a couple of weeks, BACTERIA will NOT be DESTROYED and you have a major RISK of MOULD developing within days especially with wool carpets.

professional carpet cleaning is a given or your warranty will most likely be void, as most carpet manufacturers insist on carpet cleaning at least once a year by a professional.
Proclene have the correct cleaning Equipment and solutions to clean your items with NO RISK of damage and give exceptional results whilst maintaining your warranty.

Q: Dry Cleaning is better.
A: Dry cleaning is only good when all you want is a temporary improvement in the appearance of your carpet. This is because it DOES NOT clean deep down where most of the dirt and bacteria settle, Dry cleaning can also leave a sticky residue behind which means your carpets will start looking like they did before you had them cleaned within weeks.
We can offer this service but we do not recommend it, as hot water extraction cleaning removes deep down soils & grit.