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GUARANTEED.....The Most Thorough, Deepest, Fastest Drying, Longest Lasting Clean, that is Baby Safe, Pet Safe & WoolSafe, Sanitised & Free from Odours or Your Money Back!

Sanitised Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning

A germ free carpet or sofa is the norm with ProcleneWe use an antimicrobial treatment as standard in all of our services.

First we will apply a pre treatment of antimicrobial to the fibres of the carpets or the upholstery, we leave this to work with our Which? Approved Baby Safe cleaning solution, and then using an agitation machine to gently ensure all fibres receive the treatment.

Secondly after a 15 - 30 minute dwell time to allow it to work its magic, we then thoroughly Triple Rinse™ the cleaning solution and the dirt from your carpet or sofa with another treatment of our antimicrobial, this gives you a DOUBLE DOSE that, will carry-on working long after we have finished cleaning. If however you wanted a TRIPLE DOSE you can always opt for our Triple Protect Ag+ treatment which carries on working for up to 5 years continually destroying bacteria as well as Dust Mites.

Our anti microbial destroys 99.999% of germs including E-Coli, MRSA & Norovirus, it can even aid in the destroying of HIV in fact we use the same treatments when we clean the carpets & upholstery in medical centres.

Proclene's antimicrobial treatment includes a lovely, mild, not over-powering scent, and you get a choice of what scent you would like.

The difference between 99.9% and 99.999%.

Bacteria are microscopic living single celled organisms, a surface contaminated with raw meat for example could have millions of bacteria per square centimeter.

If for example there are 1,000,000 bacteria in a carpet or on a sofa that has been treated with an antimicrobial that kills 99.9% of bacteria, then there would still be 1000 bacteria remaining to multiply, whereas if the carpet or sofa was treated with our antimicrobial treatment that kills 99.999% of bacteria then there would only be 10 bacteria remaining to multiply.

You definitely know that, you, your family and your pets are living in an healthy & safe home when you use Proclene.