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GUARANTEED.....The Most Thorough, Deepest, Fastest Drying, Longest Lasting Clean, that is Baby Safe, Pet Safe & WoolSafe, Sanitised & Free from Odours or Your Money Back!

Carpet & Upholstery Stain Protection.

Proclene have 35 years expert knowledge & professional experience in carpet & upholstery stain protection application, and this is important, because if stain protection is not applied correctly it will not work, it won't protect for the length of time it should and worse still, if the wrong type of stain protector is applied it will destroy the whole look of your upholstery or carpet.

It is extremely important that, when stain protection is being applied, that it is the correct type of protector, and that it is applied with the correct type of sprayer, the correct flow and the correct coverage. Proclene will use the correct type of protection that is best suited and totally safe for the carpet or upholstery items that we are applying the stain protection to, and we will apply it correctly, ensuring maximum protection for the maximum length of time.

Proclene also work with manufactures & retailers & to provide their end consumers with a stain protection that does actually work.

Proclene offer stain protection services in Gloucestershire, Oxfordshire, Bristol & Bath, Herefordshire, Worcestershire & Swindon.

Stain Protection will provide your carpets and upholstery with an invisible & non-characteristic changing protective barrier to help in preventing spillages from becoming permanent stains.

There are many varieties of stain protection and many names such as ScotchGard or 3M, Dupont, ProMite, Stain Shield, Staingard and many, many more, our stain protection of choice is Triple Protect Ag+.

Triple Protect Ag+ Stain ProtectionTriple Protect Ag+ is a fluorocarbon based formula, it is 100% invisible and will not change the characteristic look or feel of the fibres. it repels even oil based stains as well as water based stains. It will absorb into wool fibres to protect the internal core and encompass the surface of the fibres to help prevent stains and soils from adhering, therefore aiding in successful stain removal.

Triple Protect Ag+ Stain Protection Really Does Work.

red wine spillageHere at Proclene we don't just take a manufacturers word that it works, we actually test and prove that it really does work before we even consider recommending it to our clients.

Triple Protect Ag+ really does work, we use Triple Protect Ag+ on our own carpets & upholstery, and being a busy household and pet lovers we really do put Triple Protect to the test, with loads of puppy accidents and children (and adults) walking in oils and mud and treading everything in to the carpets and spilling drinks on the upholstery, We can honestly & confidently recommend Triple Protect Ag+ as doing what it promises, even with spillages that have not been attended to promptly.

Dust Mite Prevention & Anti-allergen Protection.

Triple Protect Ag+ is not just a Stain Protection, it has been combined with Sanitized™ & Biomaster© Scandinavia (derived from Silver-ion (Ag+)) that delivers broad spectrum anti-bacterial and anti-microbial properties.

Santized™ and Biomaster© are highly effective in preventing Dust Mite colonisation and will also prevent the growth of bacteria, mould, fungi & yeast, not only that it wall also prevent unpleasant odours and infections caused by bacterium such as MRSA.

Wool, Cotton, Linen & Viscose Stain Protection.

Proclene highly recommend Triple Protect Ag+ be applied to natural fibres such as wool carpets & rugs, upholstery fabrics that contain cotton, viscose & linen, the reason being is that these fibres will naturally absorb spillages and hold them within, making it difficult to flush the stain out.

By applying Stain Protection the spillages will have less chance of adhering to the inner cores of the fibres making it much easier to rinse the colours of the spillage out.

Accidents do happen, but they do not have to totally change the way we live in our homes, after all it's our main place to relax, and if we have to think about every action we carry out, because we are more scared of spilling red wine on our off white carpet than seeing the doctor then we are not enjoying our luxuries or comforts in life.

Triple Protect Ag+ protects against stains such as;

  • Acids
  • Corrosives
  • Cosmetics
  • Paints
  • Shoe Polish
  • Ink
  • Coffee
  • Ketchup
  • Red Wine
  • Caustics
  • Cola
  • Human & Animal bodily fluids
  • Dyes & Dye Transfer from newspaper print & clothing including Denim
  • All food stuff & Drink

We provide our professional stain protection application service for both domestic & commercial customers throughout Gloucestershire, Oxfordshire, Bristol, Bath, Herefordshire, Worcestershire & Wiltshire.

Please Note: Although these products are all referred to as being Stain protectors, it is not a guarantee that your carpet or sofa will not stain, it is more that it will help by resisting staining and make it much easier to rinse out stains by preventing full adhesion to the fibres, which improves the chances of successful stain removal, and with our experiences they definitely do provide for better results.

Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning Review Ratings: 10 out of 10 based on 422 reviews
Carpet Cleaning, Stain Removal & Stain Protection.
We have used Proclene before and they provided great service, Excellent customer service, excellent results, highly recommend as we have used them twice before. Much better than other companies used as they provided a professional service, used their own water and electricity & shoe protection was also provided. We will definitely use Proclene again as we have already used them twice before and with excellent results. Arrived on time, felt safe using them, a reputable company. Fantastic customer service, quick response after initial enquiry, polite, professional staff, speedy workmanship. The best in the area in my opinion.
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Date published: 09/04/2016
10 / 10 stars10 Star Carpet Cleaning