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Trading standards award winning carpet cleaning
GUARANTEED.....The Most Thorough, Deepest, Fastest Drying, Longest Lasting Clean, that is Baby Safe, Pet Safe & WoolSafe, Sanitised & Free from Odours or Your Money Back!

How Proclene Clean Carpets.

Cleaning carpets correctly, safely & effectively is not easy, it takes knowledge, understanding, skills, training, and just as important, the right equipment and tools.

The following steps also need to be taken to ensure that the best results are achieved, if they are not carried out, it will most likely result in spots becoming permanent stains, damaged carpets and rapid re-soiling.

STEP 1 - Inspection

We inspect the carpets to ensure that they are securely fitted, no damage is likely to occur or if there will be any suspected problems including spots and stains, this information will be relayed to you.

STEP 2 - Fibre Identification

We need to know what we are cleaning to ensure that we clean it successfully and to ensure we do not damage your carpet or upholstery.

STEP 3 - Advise

We will advise you on the expected results and tell you exactly how long they will take to dry, being 100% honest with you.

STEP 4 - Vacuum

Firstly we will vacuum the carpets thoroughly using an industrial vacuum, this removes up to 85% of dust, if not carried-out wet dust and grit will simply turn to sludge making it extremely difficult to achieve outstanding cleaning results.

STEP 5 - Stain Removal - Oil Based

We treat stains that are oil/grease based prior to any pre-spraying, this helps in ensuring we are successful in removing them and that it is not spread about when wet.

STEP 6 - Pre Treatment

This step is an application of soil releasers known as Micro-Splitters that detach the soils from the fibres of your carpets and upholstery fabrics, holding them in suspension until rinsed out. They are natural food grade salts meaning they are 100% SAFE for Babies, Children, Pets & the Environment.

STEP 7 - Agitation

We agitate the Pre-Treatment in to the fibres of the carpet (much like when you wash your hair) using a mechanical contra rotating brush which opens the fibre to aide in releasing the soils, this will also help in restoring the pile back to its original state.

STEPS 8, 9 & 10 - Triple Rinse™ & Condition

Now that we have removed the stains, dust, grit, other foreign matter and thoroughly cleaned your carpets, we now condition the fibres along with our 3rd rinse to thoroughly remove all traces of cleaning solution (again much like your hair needs conditioner), making your carpet feel soft, fresh and looking its best again.

With this step we rinse the fibres of your carpet thoroughly using a pH neutraliser, whilst removing the dirt, soils & water based stains from within. We will rinse in 3 directions, back, forth and sideways. We know exactly what pressure to use to clean the fibres deep down without penetrating the backing (this takes many years experience).

With this rinse we also treat each and every fibre with an anti-microbial to destroy bacteria, germs & viruses ensuring your carpets and upholstery fabrics are safe and odour free.

Our thorough procedures ensures that your carpets & upholstery will stay much cleaner for much longer than any other company are willing to provide you with.

STEP 11 - Stain Removal - Water Based

Now that the carpet fibres have been rinsed, we can now see what stains, if any, need additional treatments to aide in successfully removing them, however it is important to note that we cannot guarantee 100% stain removal (nobody can) but, what we do guarantee is that we will treat all stains to the best possible advantage of removing them.

STEP 12 - pH Check

We now check the pH level in the fibres with a digital pH meter, this ensures that we have removed all cleaning and stain removal solutions, and left your items in a safe state, and that no rapid re-soiling occurs.

STEP 13 - Client Inspection

Now that we have successfully cleaned your carpets & upholstery, and we are happy that they couldn't be any cleaner, we then ask you to inspect our cleaning with us to ensure that you are 100% delighted with our cleaning.

STEP 14 - Stain Protection - (optional)

After we have inspected the carpet cleaning with you, and that you are 100% delighted we then apply  the stain protection to help prevent spill's from becoming stain's (this is an optional extra, see our video to see how it works).

STEP 15 - Pile grooming

Now that you are 100% delighted, we will groom the fibres of the carpets to reset the pile and speed up the drying times.

STEP 16 - Check Up Call

In 48 to 72 Hours we will give you a call, this is to ask if you have any concerns or questions, or for you to point out something that you feel we may have missed. If we have missed something we will call round at your earliest convenience and put right.

Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning Review Ratings: 10 out of 10 based on 4196 reviews
Rug & Carpet Cleaning
After using Proclene I would not try another carpet cleaner. Which? gave them the name of Trusted Trader and this was quite right. They gave an honest and clear indication of results that should be expected and delivered them. I have used other companies previously but Proclene are beyond comparison because of the excellent technician. I never expected the customer service to be this good, good cleaning, courteous and excellent admin. I also never expected the cleaning to be this good, with 6 dogs I never expected the carpets to get clean again. As far as I am concerned I would change nothing to make my experience of using them any better. A reputable company whom I felt safe using and they arrived on time. Highly recommend.
Rug & Carpet Cleaning
Date published: 05/03/2020
10 / 10 stars10 Star Carpet Cleaning

Upholstery Cleaning
Proclene are a very professional company, very prompt and deliver the results that they say they can. We used Proclene because of their good reviews and they are used by the company that I work for. They gave a clear and honest indication of the results that we should expect before starting work and they delivered exactly what they said they would. The finished results were excellent, the customer service was also excellent, very courteous and polite. We have used other carpet cleaners in the past but Proclene provided a better clean all round, beyond comparison and worth every penny. We will only use Proclene in future, Highly recommend
Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning
Date published: 11/02/2020
10 / 10 stars10 Star Carpet Cleaning
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