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A Which? Trusted Award Winning Service
GUARANTEED.....The Most Thorough, Deepest, Fastest Drying, Longest Lasting Clean, that is Baby Safe, Pet Safe & WoolSafe, Sanitised & Free from Odours or Your Money Back!

Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning Images.

Below are some photos of our work as carpet & upholstery cleaners, they are genuine photos of work we have completed ourselves, unlike many other carpet cleaning companies we do not use stock images and we definitely do not doctor our images.

Proclene carpet cleaning videos We also have a video page with some videos that you may want to watch. They provide a clear and indicative idea of what you can expect when using Proclene.

As well as viewing images of our work below, we recommend that you read our customer reviews where you can find genuine hand written reviews from genuine customers, we let our reviews speak for us and explain why we are recommended carpet cleaners throughout Gloucestershire, Oxfordshire, Herefordshire, Bristol, Bath, Worcestershire, in fact the whole of the UK.

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Before, During & After Cleaning
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hallway - Wool carpet before cleaning hallway - Wool carpet cleaning after
red wine stain on carpet red wine stain now gone
faux suead sofa before cleaning faux suede sofa after cleaning
leather upholstery cleaning before leather upholstery cleaning after
leather upholstery arm section cleaning before leather upholstery arm section cleaning during
leather armchair before cleaning leather armchair after cleaning
Dust under bed causes sleepness nights, your carpets need cleaning

This is why we move furniture

we move all furniture before we clean carpets and this picture shows you why

This is why we move furniture

wool carpet pre-vac before cleaning

Pre Vacuuming is important

wool carpet fully cleaned and furniture returned to positions

Furniture back in position with protection

draylon type armchair before cleaning draylon type armchair after cleaning
fireside chair before cleaning
fireside chair after cleaning
Stair Carpet before cleaning Stair carpet after cleaning
before cleaning a bedroom carpet after cleaning a bedroom carpet
before removing red wine after removing red wine
upholstery cleaning before upholstery cleaning after
doctors waiting room before cleaning doctors waiting room during cleaning
doctors room during cleaning doctors room after cleaning

Furniture is put back in to position and protection is put in place to prevent dyes from wood staining the carpet.

this is how we leave your home
upholstery cleaning in stroud brefore upholstery cleaning in stroud after
carpets before cleaning carpet after cleaning
feces stain on carpet feces stain removed from carpet
upholstery cleaning in weston super mare before upholstery cleaning in weston super mare after
dirty stair carpet clean stair carpet
during cleaning of carpet during cleaning landing carpet
wool berber carpet before cleaning wool berber carpet after cleaning
wool berber spots and stains wool berber spots and stains removed
wool chair before cleaning wool chair after cleaning
sofa before cleaning sofa after cleaning
armchair before cleaning armchair after cleaning
before cleaning pub carpet after cleaning pub carpet
during upholstery cleaning in bristol during cleaning upholstery
before cleaning upholstery after cleaning upholstery
lounge carpet before cleaning lounge carpet during cleaning

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lounge carpet after cleaning
bedroom carpet before cleaning bedroom carpet after cleaning
toilet carpet before toilet carpet after cleaning
bathroom carpet before bathroom carpet after
before cleaning large rug after cleaning large rug
before cleaning 40 year old rug after cleaning 40 year old rug
chair before removing beer stains chair after removing beer stains
before upholstery cleaning bristol after upholstery cleaning bristol
before cleaning tenants carpet after cleaning tenants carpet
restaurant carpet befor cleaning restaurant carpet after cleaning
restaurant carpet before cleaning resuarant carpet after cleaning
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before carpet cleaning in wheatley after carpet cleaning in wheatley
before cleaning mud from carpet after cleaning mud from carpet
difference cleaned uncleaned

We continually provide the very best in finished results, for both commercial and domestic carpet and upholstery cleaning.

bird mess and feathers on carpet after cleaning and sanitising carpet
stairs part cleaned 1 dirty sofa 1 cleaned sofa
before cleaning cream carpet
faux suede before cleaning faux suede after cleaning still drying
leather upholstery arm section cleaning after leather upholstery corner section cleaning before
leather upholstery corner section cleaning during leather upholstery corner section cleaning after
leather cuddle chair before cleaning leather cuddle chair after cleaning
chair before cleaning chair after cleaning
chenille sofa before cleaning chenille sofa after cleaning
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