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GUARANTEED - Baby Safe, Pet Safe & Wool Safe Cleaning Approved by Which?

Proclene the Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning Specialists

Hello I am Craig your master carpet cleanerProclene Limited provide professional carpet, upholstery & rug cleaning services, we an independent family run company that consistently provide the ultimate in both quality and customer care. Proclene carpet cleaning will look after you and your items every step from first contact to long after the cleaning has been completed.

We have an unmatched reputation for outstanding customer service whilst maintaining the highest standards of cleaning and results, this is why we have been Accredited and Approved by Which? and why our customers keep choosing to use us time after time.

Every carpet, upholstery item and rug we clean is sanitised by use of antimicrobial treatments for your added piece of mind, and we don't just offer cleaning as we also offer maintained and restoration cleaning.

Our customers know that we are here for them. We don't have to work hard to maintain total customer satisfaction, it comes naturally.

Watch us clean and restore an old carpet

Please watch the whole video to see how we clean carpets without using harmful chemicals whilst providing you with the very carpet cleaning that dries quickly & stays cleaner for far longer.

Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning.

Proclene take great pride in knowing that we have been positioned, by our customers, as the leading Professional Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning company, we are also recommended by ALL of our customers.

Now in our 34th year in the carpet & upholstery cleaning business, we know how to clean your carpets and upholstery to the highest standards & provide you with the very best results & of course the very best in customer service & after care, after all this is what drives Proclene in to continued expansions.

What Will Proclene Do for You?

Firstly, before anything else, Proclene will explain in crystal clear detail, what you should expect from Proclene cleaning your carpets or upholstery, including, again in detail of how clean we are going to make your items, and how fast they will dry.

If we come across a problem stain, we will deal with it/them professionally & skillfully to obtain a result that can best be accomplished. The best bit for you is that we will not charge any extra, even if we have to spend a great deal of time dealing it. All part of the Proclene service.

Triple Rinse™ Carpet Cleaning

Unique to Proclene, we don't just do a single pass extraction, we go, not 1 step further but 2 steps further. Carpet fibres & upholstery fabrics are like sponges sucking in the cleaning solutions making it difficult to remove the soap, but by using our Triple Rinse™ system we remove not just most of the cleaning solution, but all of it, and this means that your carpets & upholstery are going to stay much cleaner for much, much longer. All part of the Proclene service.

lounge carpet during cleaningSanitised Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning

Proclene will (also at no extra cost to you) provide a fully sanitised carpet & upholstery cleaning service that is not solely reliant on hot water, All items that we clean will be fully sanitised using anti-microbial treatments that are effective at destroying the growth & spreading of bacteria and viruses.

The treatments we use are effective against MRSA, Hepatitis B and even HIV, so you can be sure that your carpets or sofa's are going to be left in a safe condition when Proclene carryout the cleaning. All part of the Proclene service.

Baby Safe Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning

When we clean your carpets or upholstery, we will only use genuine baby safe & pet safe cleaning solutions that are confirmed & accepted by Which? as being baby safe. You can be sure that you have been provided with the safest carpet & upholstery cleaning service that you will ever receive. All Part of the Proclene Service.

Since 1982 we have strived in providing the very best carpet & upholstery cleaning service that is 100% Baby Safe, WoolSafe, Pet Safe and Environmentally Safe.

Carpet & Upholstery Cleaners Approved by Which?

Proclene carpet & upholstery cleaning services are fully approved by Which? and we are very proud to have earned & display their Approved by Which? logo. We are also approved and recommended by The WoolSafe Organisation & The Approved Carpet Cleaners Association and more importantly we are Recommended by ALL our customers.

Our truckmounted carpet cleanerDeep, Fast Dry Carpet Cleaning.

We use the very latest in advanced carpet & upholstery cleaning machines and tools which are tailored for each individual task hence we are able to provide you with the very best in results and drying times.

Our experience provides us with the knowledge of correctly regulating the water pressure with the pile depth of your carpets to ensure we do not over wet them also ensuring that they are dry in the fastest possible times.

Before we commence any carpet or upholstery cleaning we will inspect the items and we will clearly explain to you what you can expect, including removal of stains and exact drying times.

Our machines are state of the art van-mounted systems that remove more water from your carpets and sofa's, allowing for them to dry much faster yet providing a deeper clean. We provide the water and the power plus we take away the dirt and never pour it down your toilet or sink which is especially important if you use a sani-flow system.

With our experience & our specialist tools, we know we will give you the very best results possible after all we are Professional Carpet & Upholstery Cleaners.

The Proclene Promise

  1. Accurate Quotation - Provide and abide by the price quoted under all circumstances prior to commencement of work.
  2. To provide you with the very best carpet & upholstery cleaning service with the very least disruption
  3. To provide you with the very best customer service & experience.
  4. To provide you with a service that includes stain & odour removal at no extra cost.
  5. To sanitise at no extra cost.
  6. To give you true drying times and not to make false claims.
  7. To be reliable & punctual.
  8. Never to try to sell you anything.
  9. To make your experience with us pleasant & satisfying
  10. To provide you with all forms for reviewing our work.
  • Carpet Cleaning
    Proclene gave an honest indication of the results that I should expect. Their customer service was beyond excellent as they were easy to talk to and do what they promise. The finished results I give them 10+ as they got all the stains out which I thought was impossible. I highly recommend as I am a very happy and satisfied customer. Proclene have compared much better than other companies I have used and the carpets came out brand new!. They could not change anything to make my experience with them any better, they are the best. Highly recommended company, great honest and hard working professionals who go that extra mile for you to make the impossible happen!
    Carpet Cleaning
    Date published: 23/02/2015
    10 / 10 stars10 Star Carpet Cleaning
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