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Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning Questions & Answers

With so many years experience behind us we are able to no only answer your questions and concerns but we are able to explain them in an understandable way.

Q1. Is it true that once you have your carpets cleaned they get very dirty very quickly?

A1. No & Yes.

No - Especially if you use Proclene, if they are cleaned in the correct and safe way that we recommend. We clean without degergents and soaps which cannot be reactivated with moisture, we clean very thoroughly using our unique Triple Rinse™ process, our 35 years experience and the most powerful machines in Europe, all this combined allows us to remove not just some of the soils but 99% of the soils, they will dry much quicker and can be used immediately after we have finished cleaning them.

Yes - if they are cleaned by a budget priced company, why? because these companies use high alkaline cleaning solutions because it allows them to work very quickly in a get in get out fashion, the only problem with this way of cleaning is that they do not thoroughly remove all the soil within the carpet pile and it doesn't allow for complete neautralising of the cleaning solutions. As the carpet dries the deep down soil rises to the top of the pile as the water evaperates. Also any moistuer that is added to the carpet afterwards will reactivate the cleaning solutions which will then become a sticky residue which will attract dust and soils, hence the little grey spots that appear and the very grey traffic areas.

Q2. Why did my friends carpets take days to dry?

A2. This has several reasons, one reason will be that the equipment used was of low power quite possibly a very small cheap portable machine, or even a low vacuum power or even old truck-mounted carpet cleaning machine. Another reason which will almost definitely be that the cleaning was carried-out by a non-qualified, non-experienced carpet cleaning technician with absolutely no understanding of how to clean carpets, the chances are they they weren't even insured so any damage would not have been covered. Another reason will be that they paid a low price for the carpet cleaning which was carried-out by a company that has the attitude of get in get out and earn as much money as possible because they know that they can get away with it 99% of the time because very few people will complain or don't know any better, the old adage is "You get what you pay for".

When you clean quickly with high pressure you don't remove the moisture let alone the dirt. Results will be Wet carpets, rapid resoiling, mould and carpet & underlay damage

Q3. Why does my carpet smell of damp dog?

A3. This sometimes happens when water is introduced to wool carpets and not rinsed properly, the soil, the wool and the water combined will cause this, but this can be prevented by using the right cleaning solutions, employing the right cleaning process and being very thorough both pre and post clean.

Q4. How long will it take for my carpets to dry?

A4. This will depend on the carpet type, fibre content, pile depth, room temperatures, technicians experience & the equipment used.
Proclene use the most powerful machines in Europe they have the power to remove more moisture from the carpet than any other company in the area, our technicians have over 35 years experience at their side to ensure the correct pressure is used with the carpet type being cleaned

We will provide a drying time of approx 30 mins for a synthetic short pile carpet & approx. 4 hours for an 80% wool short pile carpet, if it is a 100% wool berber loop it could be as long as 16 hours. That being said you will be able to use the carpet immediately after we have finished as long as you follow our guidelines that we provide you with.

Q5. Do I have to move the furniture out of the room?

A5. No, we will move the furniture to be able to clean under it, we will never clean around it, we only ask that you remove small items from the room and floor i.e. toys, lamp tables etc. we will take care of everythingelse, however if you are unable to move the smaller items then we will happily take care of it for you, because we understand and we genuinely care.

Q6. How long will it take to clean my 3 seat sofa?

A6. Time will vary from sofa to sofa, but an average 3 seat sofa will take approx. 2.5 hours, our cleaning is the most thorough, every inch will be cleaned even in the crevices, after each section is cleaned we will go over with a white towel, should there be any soil on the towel we will re-rinse the offending area again until the towel remains clean.

Q7. Why have my carpets gone stiff & feel sticky since they were cleaned?

A: The main reason for this is that the company you used to clean your carpets used a very high alkaline cleaning chemical to help them finish the job in hand quickly, this system is liked by many carpet cleaners as they can do more jobs in a day. The fact is that they are damaging your carpet and that high alkalinity will rot the fibres in a wool carpet whilst on the other hand high acidity will dissolve the fibres. Whenever we need to use an high alkaline cleaning agent we always, always neutralise it to a pH value of between 6 and 8 leaving you with carpets that are safe and will not go stiff.

Q8. What happens if you damage my carpet?

A8. In 35 years of cleaning carpets, Proclene have not once had an unfortunate accident, BUT should the unfortunate ever happen we are always fully covered by our insurance which covers us for up to £5,000,000. and includes treatments risk cover, which means we are actually insured for the items that we are cleaning something that many companies fail to insure against. Click here to see our insurance policy for total peace of mind.

Q9. I have an sensitivity towards chemicals do you offer a chemical free carpet cleaning service?

A9. Not a problem, but please do let us know so that we can accomondate you more specifically, even though the carpet cleaning solutions that we use are chemical free and based soley on food grade salts, we do usually add a antimicrobial, which I suppose is classed as a chemical, it is 100% safe but it has a scent to it, not a strong over powering scent, but a scent nonetheless, but this can be omitted without any change in the standard of our cleaning. So please do tell us.

Should you have any other questions or concerns about carpet, upholstery or rug cleaning please do let us know, we should be able to address them for you.