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A Which? Trusted Award Winning Service
GUARANTEED.....The Most Thorough, Deepest, Fastest Drying, Longest Lasting Clean, that is Baby Safe, Pet Safe & WoolSafe, Sanitised & Free from Odours or Your Money Back!

Upholstery Cleaning.

woman on sofa with babyProclene are specialist upholstery cleaners throughout Gloucestershire, Herefordshire, Oxfordshire, Swindon, Bristol, Monmouthshire, Newport, Bath & North Somerset for both leather and fabric.

We know how to SAFELY & Professionally clean your loved sofa or your cherished upholstered antique chair, we know exactly what it takes to successfully clean your upholstery with outstanding results, and for us to be able to provide the quickest drying times, so you can be sitting comfortably in it as soon as possible whilst thinking to yourself how clean and fresh it looks and feels.

Baby Safe & Pet Safe Upholstery Cleaning

pet safe cleaningAll our upholstery cleaning is carried out using Baby Safe, Pet Safe & Expectant Mum Safe cleaning solutions. We guarantee that none of our cleaning solutions will be an hazard to your pets or children.

Not only do we use genuine baby safe & pet safe cleaning solutions, we will deep clean the fibres of your upholstery and sanitise them with anti-microbial treatments to destroy harmful and dangerous bacteria's, we will also destroy the bacteria that cause odours and sickness in fact we even destroy MRSA, e-coli & salmonella amongst others. You can be sure that your upholstery is fully sanitised & safe when we clean them. All this at no extra cost.

Upholstery Cleaners Recommended by Which?

Proclene carpet & upholstery cleaning services are fully approved by Which?. We are also approved and recommended by The WoolSafe Organisation, The National Carpet Cleaners Association & The Approved Carpet Cleaners Association and of course we are Recommended by ALL our customers.

Specialist Upholstery Cleaning

Cleaning of upholstery requires specialist tools specific for the item, should your sofa be cleaned by tools not suited to your upholstery then damage will most likely occur, and over saturating of the fabric will in many cases allow for the growth of mould, no only resulting in nasty odours and damaged fibres but will also present an health risk.

our upholstery cleaning tool Upholstery & curtain fabrics are finer and much more fragile than your carpets, however most professional carpet cleaners will also state that they clean upholstery yet fail to invest in professional & specific tools, and tend to use generic tools for cleaning upholstery as they do for cleaning stair carpets, these tools force water deep in to the foam and due to the initial jet of water this can also cause fibre damage or weave damage if not both also too many upholstery cleaners very often leave track marks which once dry will be very prominent and possibly permanent.

Not only do we have over 35 years experience as upholstery cleaners, we also attend regular training courses to research new techniques, new cleaning solutions, new upholstery manufacturing processes to ensure we do not get things wrong, and of course new tools, in fact we invest a very high percentage of our turnover on new tools ensuring we are at the forefront of professional and safe cleaning of upholstery and fine fabrics.

ph testing for colour bleedpH Testing

There are many thousands of upholstery fabrics which are formed from different weaves, fibres, dyes, bonds and paddings, all of which need to be considered before we even start cleaning them. Each, and every one of them will react differently to different cleaning solutions and techniques, this is why we also test the pH to ensure there will be no colour bleed & that the dyes are neutralised to ensure it does not happen.

There are many thousands of different fabrics which are formed from different weaves, fibres, dyes, bonds and paddings that need to be considered before commencing cleaning of them as each, and every one of them will react differently to different cleaning solutions and techniques, this is why you should only ever use professionally skilled upholstery cleaners like Proclene to determine the correct technique to implement when cleaning your furnishings.

Fast Dry

Due to our investments in the latest specialist tools we can virtually clean your upholstery and have it ready for use when we leave your property.

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  • Fabric Upholstery
  • Leather Upholstery
  • Chairs
  • Bench seating
  • Antique upholstery
  • Mattresses

Always ensure that your upholstery is cleaned by a reputable company, with adequate insurance, checkable customer testimonials, experience and full training, without all of these you could be risking not only damage to your upholstery but to yourself, children and pets.

If in doubt please feel free to phone for free advice.

Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning Review Ratings: 10 out of 10 based on 517 reviews
Upholstery Cleaning
Don't hesitate to use them. Proclene provided a deep upholstery cleaning service, the results were excellent. When they arrived which was on time, they provided me with a clear and honest indication of the results that I should expect and they delivered exactly what they said they would. The customer service was excellent too. I will definitely use Proclene again, they were worth every penny. I definitely recommend.
Upholstery Cleaning
Date published: 03/01/2017
10 / 10 stars10 Star Carpet Cleaning

winners of Which? trader of the monthWhich? Trader of the Month

Proclene are very proud to be the Which? Trusted Trader of the Month for November 2016. This has only happened because we put our customers first, ensuring the very best standards of Upholstery Cleaning, excellent customer service, and obviously the reviews that we receive from all our customers, our next goal is to become Which? Trusted Trader of the Year and you can be 100% sure that we won't let you down.

ISO 9001 & 14001 Certified Upholstery Cleaners.

Proclene are the only ISO 9001:2015 Accredited upholstery cleaning company in the UK, this ensures that you will get the very best in customer service and the highest level of quality upholstery cleaning at all times, we are also the only ISO 14001:2015 Accredited upholstery cleaning company in the United Kingdom for your assurance that we are doing our very best towards the environment, and for providing the GREENEST carpet cleaning service possible, others say they are Green and Eco Friendly, We PROVE WE ARE!

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