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Stain Removal Services.

We offer stain removal services throughout Gloucestershire, Herefordshire, Oxfordshire, Bristol, Bath, North Somerset & Swindon for carpets & upholstery.

Stain removal is a skilled process of knowing what to use and most importantly when to use it, if this is done incorrectly then the chances are, the stain will become permanent and most likely cause further damage, if done correctly the chances are, we will be successful in stain removal.

It is important to note, that we do not guarantee stain removal, it is impossible to guarantee, we know because we have been specialising in stain removal for over 35 years, and if a company does guarantee total removal of stains, then they are doing so under false pretenses and should be avoided under all circumstances.

Best Endeavor Stain Removal.

Even though we don't guarantee stain removal, we do however guarantee that we will do our absolute best to obtain the very best results possible. We are armed with over 35 years experience and knowledge of chemistry to be able to use the correct stain removal products at the right time, combine this with patience and we are able to provide you with the best chances of being successful in removing stains.

Firstly we need to identify where possible, what the stain is, how long it's been there, what products have already been used to attempt removal and in all cases what the pH value is of the said stain, which is why all our technicians carry a digital pH meter. once we have concluded what the stain is, we can then go about attempting removal of the stain without causing greater damage.

Safe Stain Removal.

Whenever we remove a stain using strong solutions (in some cases this is necessary) we ALWAYS neutralise to ensure that we do not leave anything behind that could cause damage to the fibres or any persons or animals, this is a must and anyone untrained is not only risking damage to your items but also to you, your family & especially your pets, as they will most likely lick or sniff the area, which could lead to burns or allergic reactions.

 Knowledge & Expertise.

With over 35 years of understanding the science of stain removal, we are able to provide you with the best possible chances of removing 99% of stains without any trace whatsoever.

Be assured that we have the knowledge to deal with most stains very successfully, Some stains do require a lot of patience and persistence.

Stain Removal only Service.

We now offer a fixed price stain removal service every Monday,

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